We are physician-owned.
  • We understand you and your needs. 

We are local.
  • Headquartered in Chicago, our management team has over thirty years' of experience running outpatient surgery centers. We understand the needs of the local patient population.  
  • Your experience matters to us. You will always have the access to speak to someone who not only understands your point of view, but can make adjustments you need to enhance your experience in our center.      

We consistently achieve very high patient satisfaction (96-98%).
  • You can trust your patients will receive the best care.   

We are independent.
  • We answer only to our medical staff, our board, and our physician-partners, which gives us more flexibility and allows faster-decision making should you have any questions or concerns.  

We recruit and retain only the most qualified. 
  • Handpicked surgical teams provide consistency for you and customize your experience. 

We are in network with most insurance providers.
  • For those with high cost-sharing plans or no coverage, we offer affordable self-pay fees. Our center will provide your patients with cost-effective solutions and help them save.   

We provide flexible scheduling and block times. 
  • Physicians with consistent case load are more than welcome to request block times at our center. 
  • Having set block times will help you plan ahead and better manage your busy workweeks. 

We foster physician-centered culture of safety and efficiency. 
  • Our approach will ensure you receive personal and consistently excellent service.   


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The 900 North Michigan Surgical Center consistently meets the needs of area specialists by providing state of the art equipment and technology in a convenient and cost-effective setting. The pairing of an outstanding team of doctors and nurses with the latest surgical equipment and facilities is why the 900 North Michigan Surgical Center is a recognized leader in outpatient surgery in Chicago. The facility provides its doctors with the newest technologies and experienced staff to perform surgeries both safely and efficiently. Other reasons to join our medical team include: